Custom Patio Covers

Beat the heat and escape the sun while enhancing your outdoor living spaces with custom patio covers from Shade Masters. We specialize in patio shade installation for both residential and commercial properties in Clark County and Nye County, NV. There’s no reason to feel trapped indoors during the summer months anymore.

Available Shade Cover Types

We offer a wide range of both attached and freestanding shade structures. You can customize each structure with size, shape, color, finish, and design options to cater to your needs and preferences.

Solid Shade Covers Offer 100% Shade

Solid patio covers provide complete shade and protection from the sun, rain, and other weather conditions. Whether you like to meditate outdoors, curl up in the fresh air with a good book, or BBQ for guests by the pool, they create a cozy and sheltered outdoor space for relaxation and entertainment.

Lattice Shades Let In More Light

Lattice patio covers feature a crisscross pattern that provides partial shade. They create a visually appealing and airy outdoor space while allowing some sunlight to pass through. So, you can get your vitamin C without the full intensity of the desert heat bearing down on you.

Combo Shade Structures – The Best Of Both Worlds

Combination patio covers combine solid and lattice panels, offering the best of both worlds. They provide partial shade while allowing some natural light to filter through. You can relax in the cool shade or enjoy a little dappled lighting as you chat with friends.

All-Season Insulated Patio Covers

Insulated shades provide added energy efficiency and temperature control. They reduce heat transfer and help regulate indoor temperatures, potentially lowering energy bills. Your shaded space feels cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Freestanding Shade Structures

In addition to traditional backyard patios, we design and install custom cantilevers, pergolas and gazebos for home and business owners. You can create multiple freestanding shaded areas for hotel guests, condo residents, employees, and customers. These are great for hot tubs or fire pits that are located further away from your porch area.

Custom Patio Shade

Unlike a DIY kit or big box store, we design and build custom patio covers tailored to your specific requirements. This allows for unique and personalized outdoor spaces that reflect individual style, on-brand statements, and personal preferences. Choose the material, finish, column type, texture, shape, and size. Don’t forget to ask about convenience add-ons like lighting or fans.

Available Shade Structure Materials

  • 4K Aluminum: This high-end, sustainable aluminum supplier offers premium appearance and a variety of styles to match any architectural design.
  • Duralum: Duralum patio covers are crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, providing strength and longevity. They are resistant to weather elements and offer a sleek and modern look.
  • Laser Cut Panels: Laser-cut patio panels provide a combination of shade and decorative appeal. With intricate patterns and designs, they add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to any outdoor area.
  • Alumawood: Alumawood patio covers offer the natural beauty of wood with the durability of aluminum. They require minimal maintenance and come in a range of finishes and textures, including wood grain patterns.

Professional Installation Is Best

Trusting your patio cover installation to our professionals ensures a seamless and reliable construction process. We have the expertise and experience to handle your installation efficiently, adhering to safety standards and local regulations. We guarantee the structures are sturdy, secure, and built to last. We can even teardown your old patio cover and start fresh with your new build.

Can You Install Both Residential & Commercial Shades?

Yes, we specialize in patio cover installation for both residential and commercial clients. Your perfect backyard oasis or outdoor dining area is just a phone call away.

How Often Should My Patio Covers Be Maintained?

Maintenance frequency will depend on your chosen material and how much wear and tear your property is exposed to. We recommend regular cleaning and inspection to keep everything in good condition. Addressing any repairs or issues promptly is also important to extend their lifespan.

Get Outside With Custom Patio Covers

Shade Masters offers custom patio covers for residential and commercial clients in Nye County and Clark County, NV. With a wide range of options available, we can create outdoor living spaces that provide shade, protection, and enhanced property value. Contact us today to get a quote or learn more about our available design options.

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