Solid Patio Covers

You can enjoy your patio come rain or shine with beautiful solid patio covers by Shade Masters. Protecting your outdoor space is a priority if you live in Clark County or Nye County. That may mean keeping your BBQ area or fire pit out of the elements or simply creating a cool space for your family to relax and connect without sunburn.

With aluminum patio covers, you don’t have to worry about cracking, splitting, or warping, and you gain reliable shade and shelter for years to come.

Why Choose Aluminum Patio Covers?

Lightweight Alumawood patio covers mimic the warmth and beauty of wood. However, they last much longer and come in various styles and colors. Low-maintenance, versatile aluminum patio covers can help you create a sheltered area for socializing with friends and family. There are many advantages to choosing aluminum patio covers!

  • Low maintenance: You can use gentle detergent and your hose to clean them. Alumnawood shade structures also resist pests and corrosion.
  • Choose your colors: Work with one of our friendly team members for help choosing a color that matches your home and lifestyle. These outdoor covers come pre-painted and ready to enjoy.
  • Lightweight: Aluminum is lighter than wood and other metals, making these covers easy to install and repair.
  • Large panels: You can cover large patios with fewer panels, which is ideal if you want to cover more than 20 feet.

Find A Design That Fits Your Decor

If you need help designing your solid patio cover, we can help. There are many options, including narrow panels that intertwine. Solid patterns also look great and provide maximum coverage. The solid, sturdy build and simple construction enable you to customize your exterior decor.

Boost Your Space With Outdoor Cover Ideas

Shade structures made of metal panels give you a sleek look. Choose from matte, corrugated, or glossy finishes designed to suit your style or needs. You can enhance your outdoor living space with ceiling fans, skylights, and a sound system. Our team can also help you come up with your outdoor cover ideas.

  • Hang A Chair From The Roof
  • Columns
  • Fire Pit
  • Clerestory Windows

Top Solid Patio Covers in Clark County

Shade Masters provides solid patio covers for homes throughout Southern Nevada. From Alumnawood patio covers to other metal covers, our products will help your family stay safe and comfortable outside. Contact us today for assistance selecting shade structures for your Clark County and Nye County home.

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Get ready to elevate your outdoor living with a custom-installed patio cover! Contact us now to schedule your free estimate. Shade Masters brings expert patio solutions directly to your doorstep anywhere in the Las Vegas Valley, as well as Clark and Nye Counties. Don’t go another day sweltering in the sun. Ask us about our financing options. 

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