Alumawood Vs 4K Aluminum Patio Covers

4K Aluminum and Alumawood are commonly used materials for constructing patio covers. If you glance around neighborhoods, especially in Las Vegas, NV, you will see many homes with captivating outdoor living spaces using them. How do you choose between Alumawood and 4K Aluminum patio covers for your space, though? Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision.

The Composition Of Aluminum & Alumawood

Patio covers made from aluminum are lightweight and durable with a strong resistance to harsh weather conditions. 4K Aluminum creates patio covers from high-quality aluminum that allows you to choose the color of the metal.

On the other hand, Alumawood is a wood-grain embossed aluminum, giving your patio a touch of natural beauty without the trouble of rot and termites associated with real wood.

Insulated & Non-Insulated Patio Covers

The customization options for patios aren’t limited to material choice alone. Additional distinctions involve other factors, including the level of insulation. Patios can be insulated or non-insulated, dictated by the property owner’s preferences. Insulated patio covers are equipped with a thicker gauge aluminum with an air space in between, providing a more robust patio cover system.

Both 4K Aluminum and Alumawood offer insulated and non-insulated options for their patio covers, so the choice is in your hands.

What’s The Difference Between Regular Aluminum & 4K Aluminum?

Both types of aluminum patios provide durability, but the covers that 4K Aluminum make boast a superior lifespan. Aluminum is also maintenance-friendly, needing only a simple wash with a garden hose to keep it looking fresh.

  • Roll-Formed Aluminum: Regular aluminum panels are roll-formed into shape. The application of a wash primer coating underneath helps the paint to adhere, providing a surface that’s bare and protected.
  • 4K Aluminum: 4K Aluminum is different in the sense that their products are machine extruded, thicker, and significantly more durable. This often includes a protective film of gold chromate, adding an extra layer of protection against adverse weather conditions.

The Appeal Of Alumawood Patio Covers

Alumawood patios are known for their aesthetic appeal, the wood-like appearance delivers the perfect blend between the durability of aluminum and the natural beauty of wood. However, it’s important to note, even with finishes that replicate the look of wood, Alumawood is still aluminum, providing the strength and durability of this enduring material.

What Are The Advantages Of Alumawood Patio Covers?

Alumawood patio covers offer several advantages, including long-term durability, low maintenance requirements, and a diverse range of design options. They are also resistant to termites, rotting, and warping.

Weather Tolerance Of Alumawood Vs. Aluminum

While both resist harsh weather and do not warp easily, 4K Aluminum takes the lead in terms of tolerance to extreme weather conditions due to its synthetic composition and thickness.

Which Patio Cover Material Is More Suitable For Las Vegas Weather?

Both Alumawood and 4K Aluminum patio covers are suitable for Las Vegas weather. They are designed to withstand high temperatures, intense sun exposure, and occasional rain showers.

Custom Options: Patio Enclosures, Lid Patio Covers & Lattice Patio Covers

The possibilities for customization with either brand are broad. Both have the potential to deliver a custom aluminum patio that suits your specific patio situation aptly. Better yet, you can add ceiling fans to these covers, for an excellent blend of style and comfort.

Shade Masters – Your Patio Experts in Las Vegas, NV

Regardless of your choice between Alumawood and 4K aluminum, it’s unquestionable how modern outdoor living enhances our lifestyle. Your well-covered deck or porch can serve as an oasis, a place to enjoy a cup of coffee or entertain friends.

At Shade Masters, we understand that the above factors may feel overwhelming. That’s why our team of patio experts is well-equipped to transform your current patio situation into an alluring outdoor living space. Based in Las Vegas, we have extensive experience with both 4K Aluminum and Alumawood installations designed to suit the specific requirements of each homeowner. Give us a call, and let’s transform your outdoor living dreams into a reality.

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